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About Me

I am a Diagnostic Radiologist by profession. I also have a degree in Metallurgical Engineering.  I have had a lifelong interest in Astronomy and Astrophysics since childhood as well as an appreciation for the beauty of the Universe.  My background in Radiology and Medical Imaging gives me some unique perspective and training in observing as well as astro-imaging.  This hobby in a sense is an extension of what I do on an every day basis.


The Astronomical League

The Albuquerque Astronomical Society

The Escambia Amateur Astronomy Association

The American Academy for the Advancement of Science.

The American Astronomical Society

My Work


Pillars of Creation in M16

May 8, 2021

Crab Nebula.jpg

M1  The Crab Nebula

January 21, 2021

M51 c(1).jpg

M51  The Whirlpool Galaxy

February 9, 2021

05_27_04_pipp Io occultation 6 26 21.jpg

Io Occultation

 June 26, 2021 05:20